Exploratory Cyanotype Printmaking.

Cyanotype Printmaking uses a solution of iron compounds to create Prussian Blue images. The process was discovered by  William Hershel in 1841. It quickly became utilized by the engineering industry as it allowed rapid, accurate, low cost reproductions of architectural designs. This continued well into the twentieth century and the word Blueprint is firmly secured within the  English language as a term synonymous with plans and planning.

Somewhere hidden, wedged between the chemical formula and the scientific explanation lies the wonder and incredulity of images forming from sunlight and pigment. Here is a world of alchemy and unpredictability, where a cloud can be a friend or a foe. Shade and depth of color is defined by the season and the zenith of the sun. Your position on this big old globe takes on a new relevance. Here lies the ability to visually reinterpret the familiar, the routine -the local hedgerow, suburban  gardens, the weeds under your feet- and capture a shadow, an outline, an essence. Master the science and a door opens wide for creative exploration.